Private Resort

What about Johnny Depp?

Starring as Jack, a teenage boy. This is the second film Johnny Depp starred in, unfortunately, not as successful as expected.

Short info:

A teenage sex comedy, like these in mid-1980s, released in 1985. Having the word Private in the title, Private Resort is the third one in a series of comic romps from the producer R. Ben Efraim


Two teenagers (Johnny Depp as Jack and Rob Marrow as Ben) are at a resort in Florida as guests for the weekend. Chasing beautiful and wealthy girls is what they are interested in – the reason of their arrival there. Another man taking part in the prowl is The Maestro, starring as Hector Elizondo. He is a jewel thief, really good at his “job”. He persues Amanda Rawlings’ (starring Doby Goodman) diamond necklace. At the end Ben and Jack have their hands full.


As a typical teenage comedy, recommended for young people, willing to spend their free time with friends in a funny way. For the ladies - a great opportunity to see your faveourite actor Johnny Depp - naked!